Quality Grooming:

Every grooming includes free flea and tick shampoo 
Medicated, Hypoallergenic, Oatmeal Shampoos & Conditioners,
Pet Manicures, Ear Cleaning, Anal glands, bandana, and cologne.

Hand Scissoring Finishing & Sculpting
Pet Massage
Flea Control (Advantage and Frontline Plus)
Pricing for full-service grooming varies widely and is by consultation only
All these services, and many more available - call us for an appointment today!



No appointment necessary - we're open 6 days a week!
1 private booth
Waist-high washing tub - easy on your back
Towels and Shampoo provided
Additional selection of specialty shampoos
Ear cleaner
Salon-quality pet dryers (safe too!)
Pet cologne and Pro Groomer included
Wash your pooch and go - we'll clean up the mess!

'Do It Yourself' Pet Wash Prices start at:
Call For Prices.

We'll also clip nails for you  (Call for pricing)
Click here to get a 'frequent-use' coupon for a Free Self-Service Wash or Nail-Clipping.

Boarding Services

We now offer a full service boarding facility.  We can house up to 50 dogs and cats.  We have 3000 sq. feet of secured play area. No crates!! 

Luxury suites are available.  We can take small to X-Large pets.  Also we can accommodate dogs and cats with special diet or meds needs.

High Quality Pet Foods

Holistic Select dog and cat food
Taste of the wild dog and cat
Pioneer Naturals
Tiki Dog
Nutro Source
Pure Vita
Natural Planet
Eagle Pack

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you demat my dog?

>> Yes we can, but it is very time-consuming and can be quite painful depending on the severity of the matting. We do not have a magic spray that gets the mats out. We have to brush and comb them out.

2. Why are cats so much money?

>> Typically, cats take two people to groom safely. Also every time a cat bites someone, they always have to go to the hospital.

3. Why do longer hair cuts cost more?

>> Longer haircuts cost more because we use a comb attachment to leave the dog’s coat longer, so at the end the haircut requires a lot more hand scissors.

4. Why does my dog have to be there so long?

>> We cannot rush all the dogs through. If we did that, we would not be able to do quality work. Quality work takes time, patience, and some dogs take longer than others depending on the shape they’re in and what haircut we have to do.

5. Why does my dog shake every time it comes here?

>> The dogs that do not come very often may not like some of the things we have to do to them. When you come to think about it how would you like your anal glands done of the hair pulled out of your ears, or better yet someone pulling your hair out because they are trying to demat you!

6. Why does my dog itch when she doesn’t have fleas?

>> A very common factor in why dogs itch, lick their feet and have ear infections is because of the food they eat. An all-natural diet can be an easy solution to a very expensive problem. Your dog will look and feel so much better.

7. Can you groom my dog if it bites; the last place said we had to put it under anesthesia?

>> Yes. We specialize in nervous and aggressive pets. With our patience and experience we haven’t had one animal that we couldn’t do.

8. Do you have anything for dry skin?

>> Yes, we use all natural shampoo and conditioner. We can also do a hot oil treatment and use a dandruff shampoo and it makes a huge difference.

9. Do you flea dip?

>> No we do not use flea dips. If your animal has fleas, it will automatically get an all-natural flea bath that will kill all the fleas. And then, if you want protection against fleas, we offer Frontline Plus that will be effective for 30 days against fleas, ticks, flea eggs, and chewing lice.

10. How often should I get my animal groomed?

>> This all depends on how fast your animal’s hair grows and how well you take care of their coat in-between grooming. Some animals come once a week and others come once a month, Typically once every six to eight weeks works well with a shorter hair cut.

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