Nikki Mugar has been the owner and operator of Nikki’s Pet Spa since May of 2002, formally known as Andrea’s Pet spa. Nikki got into grooming animals at a very young age. She started out bathing dogs when she was only thirteen years old for a local Poodle Shoppe.

By the time she was fifteen years old she started to do the grooming herself. Nikki loves making animals look beautiful, she takes a lot of pride in her work and her shop.

Nikki’s Pet Spa has been donating grooming to the Norco Animal Shelter since she took the shop over in 2002.​

About Nikki’s Pet Spa

About Us

​Nikki’s Pet Spa uses all natural shampoos and conditioners; even the flea and tick shampoos that are used are all-natural. Nikki’s Pet Spa also has a super cute boutique where you can pamper your pet and find specialty items. There you can find all natural foods and treats for pets with allergies, special shampoos, leashes, collars, pet beds and lot more.  They also have a boarding facility and can even do anesthesia-free teeth cleaning.


Nikki’s Pet Spa also has a Professional Pet Photographer that comes every other month. The man who does the photos is a great photographer and he really knows how to work with the animals to get great memorable photos that you can frame or send out as a card. His name is Brooks or better known as Pet Pix. His work is displayed all over Nikki’s shop because she is his best customer.


The staff at Nikki’s Pet Spa specializes in cats and nervous or aggressive animals and are very helpful. They have no problem explaining things – if you have a question, they are very knowledgeable and can usually answer it right away. If not, they will find the answer and let you know as soon as possible.

With every grooming the pet’s nails, ears, and anal glands are included. Medicated flea and tick conditioners are all free with the grooming. If they feel it would benefit the animal they will be sure it gets done.


Nikki’s Pet Spa also offers a self-service dog wash for those who want to wash and dry their own animal but use the professional equipment and facilities. All you need is your animal the rest is provided for you.